Is Color Printing Really Worth It?
     Now I know some of you may be hesitant about making the switch from your local Kinko's to a full service print shop. Allow me to explain the benefits of printing in color as opposed to copies.
 - Color copies are approximately a dollar a piece, more than 10x the cost to print with Mind Box Media
 - Black and white copies are .08 cents a piece and are only single sided, only black and white, and are on paper that is 5x thinner than our magazine cover stock.
 - You get 3600 dpi quality when a black and white copy is only 600 dpi.
 - If you wanted 1/4 page flyers, you'd pay extra for the cutting or do it yourself. With Mind Box Media we cut for you.

     Lets take a look at the actual difference in cost. A full page flyer copied at Kinko's that is double sided on their standard 20 lb. paper in black and white is .15 cents a piece. If you were going to do 2,500 flyers at .15 cents a piece you are paying $375.00.

     You can get twice as many flyers, color on both sides, on paper that is 5 times as thick, and pay only .09 cents a piece at $460.00. Think about how much whatever it is your advertising can make you, now can twice as many flyers in color make you an extra $85.00?

     The most important point is that you 3600 dpi magazine quality printing done professionally in full brilliant color for only a fraction more when doing twice as much. Color isn't the future, it's already here.