Photo Enlargements,
     When 8 by 10s just don't cut it anymore, you need our custom photo enlargements. We can do any size you can possible think of and with amazing photographic quality. Your local photo shop can't take your photograph and get it to you in a 3'x5' print, but Mind Box Media can!

     They charge hundreds of dollars to do these exact prints off of machines costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most shops can't afford these super wide format machines, but we have the technology to print your photographs for wall hanging. Think of taking some wedding photographs, childhood photographs, graduation day, or any other special memories you'd like to have in a wall sized print.

Here are few quick informative notes for you before you decide on your end size.
- The negative will always be the best to work with for photo enlargements.
- If you have it in digital format the standard resolution is 75-150 pixels per inch.
- The bigger the original the better then end print will turn out.
     For example, if you have a 4" x 6" standard photograph the maximum recommended finished size before excessive degradation of image quality is 18" x 24".
Note that there will always be a degradation of image quality when making something larger than it's original form.
Full Color Enlargements
  1 2 3 5
11" x 17" $55.50 $32.00 ea $26.00 ea. $21.50 ea.
18" x 24" $65.00 $45.00 ea. $38.50 ea. $34.50 ea.
19" x 27" $68.00 $48.00 ea. $41.00 ea. $38.75 ea.
24" x 36" $79.00 $57.50 ea. $54.00 ea. $49.00 ea.
36" x 60" $130.00 $102.50 ea. $97.00 ea. $93.75 ea.
42" x 72" $148.00 $135.00 ea. $130.00 ea. 124.00 ea.

Size or quantity not listed?

     If you would like to place an order please use one of the methods in the contact us page to contact us as soon as possible so we can start your order right away.
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